Friday, September 17, 2010

Fallen Angels Tattoos

angel tattooFallen angels are symbolic of the epic battle between God and Lucifer, symbolizing a fall from Grace. Believers in the Judeo-Christian theology say that when Lucifer and his army of the dark angels were defeated and thrown out of Heaven, these angels were said to have fallen into the burning depth of the earth.
angel tattooThe typical fallen Angel tattoo usually pictured as a menacing looking angel, with a bloody sword in his hand. Other fallen angels are depicted with torn or injured wings, or even with horns. These angel tattoos frequently use a darker, heavier ink to make the design seem more foreboding. Fallen angels are popular with Goths and bikers in particular, as well as those who are devotees of Satan and the dark arts.

Archangels Tattoo

angel tattoo designsThe Archangels are the seven Angels that stood before God in the Revelations. These Angels are the closest to God in the heavenly order. The Archangels are the divine messengers between the humans and God. They are the battlers of the Sons of Darkness. The most famous of the seven Archangels is Michael. Michael is believed to have led the battle against Lucifer (another Archangel) in the great rebellion. Michael is usually depicted in body armor, holding a large sword, with wings out swept in readiness.angel tattoo designs